No longer partying like it’s 1999: designing a modern web stream

Paper for SIGITE 2009

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  • PUBLISHED:2009
  • JOURNAL:Proceedings of the 10th ACM conference on SIG-information technology educationn

One of the key knowledge areas in the IT 2008 Curriculum Guidelines (IT2008) is web systems and technologies. While the minimum core coverage for this area is only 22 hours, any program that wishes to substantively address the majority of the advanced learning outcomes will easily require double or even triple that number of hours. This paper describes the design of a three course stream or pillar in web development that endeavors to incorporate the majority of the advanced learning outcomes in the web systems knowledge area. This three-course stream was designed to be a much more accurate reflection of contemporary best practices in the real world of web development and integration than is sometimes found in IT, IS, or CS programs.

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